New icons for Somicro and Somacro icon sets


Download Somacro, 45 500×500 300DPI free social media icons for all uses
Download Somicro, 45 32×32 pixels free social media icons for web use

After over a year since the last update, Somicro and Somacro, two free social media icon sets developed and distributed by myself, get a facelift. New icons for Mixcloud, Steam, VK, Hangouts, Meetup (Somacro only) and Etsy have been added. Additionally, icons for Youtube, Spotify and Google+ have been modified and improved.

To this day, Somicro has been downloaded over 63 000 times and Somacro over 87 000 times.
Thank you every one for your continuous support. I hope the icons serve you well. In the meantime, I will keep cracking up a smile every time I see them being used on mainstream websites! Cheers.

Somacro Social Media Preview    Somacro Social Media Preview

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