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What is Tina up to - Project Updates - Vervex

Vervex is a creative agency I founded in 2007. Vervex provides targeted business solutions to common ecommerce, marketing & brand related challenges. At the helm of this firm, I work as a Creative Director and Business Consultant, helping small and medium sized businesses reach their goals and growth targets.

What is Tina up to - Project Updates - Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls is an art project that began in 2016. It explores female figurative painting and color theory, capturing femininity candidly, devoid of the exploitative angle sometimes found in male-originated works of art. The project features 92 original paintings. Artworks are available as signed museum-grade prints.

What is Tina up to - Project Updates - Feed The Artist Shop on Etsy

Feed The Artist is the name of my humble Etsy shop. You'll find there one-of-a-kind original watercolor paintings and mixed media artworks for incredibly low prices. The name is meant to be a play on the poor artist stereotype. It pays humorous homage to the cycles of feast and famine many self-employed artists go through during their lives. Commissions are available through Etsy.

What is Tina up to - Project Updates - Willful Joy

Willful Joy is a platform that provides tips on living an empowered and balanced life. Its focus is to help all achieve wellbeing in body, mind and soul. Currently hosted on Medium (long articles) and Instagram (infographics), this is an ongoing project and a website is under construction. In the future, I would like to offer one on one wellness coaching.

Lucky Cat Lady | Maneki Neko Art Project

Lucky Cat Lady

Lucky Cat Lady is an art project featuring the illustrious Japanese maneki-neko as its prime subject, also known as lucky cat or beckoning cat. Considered a token of good luck, the proprietor of a lucky cat statue or insignia is said to receive good luck, wealth, prosperity, protection and good health.

What is Tina up to - Project Updates - Leesville, Texas Logo

Leesville, TX

Leesville is a small unincorporated country town located an hour south of Austin, TX. I'm in the process of building a website that will act as a portal for the town, highlighting its most interesting places, people and events.



Tina Mailhot-Roberge | Creative Director | Business Consultant

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Who's Tina?

I'm a Canadian-American Creative Director who likes to do yoga, read, meditate, travel and draw during her free time. Originally from Québec, Canada, I moved to Texas, USA with my two cats and husband in 2016.

Seldom idle and easily inspired, I'm always juggling several projects simultaneously. In addition to the projects found on this page, I'm also learning Hindi and training for a half-marathon.

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