About Us

Business consulting - selecting the path to success

We are a Business Consulting & Creative Strategy firm that serves clients from all over the world.

We are a small team whose mission is to help business owners and startups find their way through the maze of online marketing, ecommerce, branding and social media.

Like most businesses out there, we too started small. We had to figure it out on our own. We made many mistakes. But we learned a lot along the way. Today, we share everything we've learned with our clients. We help them so that they may avoid making the same mistakes we did, saving them time and money.

Above all, we believe in collaboration, transparency, honest communication and high quality deliverables.

The Team

Tina Mailhot-Roberge | Creative Director | Business Consultant

Tina Mailhot-Roberge

Founder & Creative Director

Tina founded Vervex in 2007, when she was still attending college (cégep). She graduated from Montréal's Concordia University with a BFA in Design in 2011.

Immediately after obtaining her diploma, she quit her part-time job at the Apple Store to focus exclusively on building her design firm. Dropping everything to pursue her dream career was a big gamble at the time, but it paid off.

Nowadays, she acts as a business consultant for business owners and startups.

Fairmont-Imanuel Bankhouse - Vervex Team

Fairmont-Imanuel Bankhouse

Chairman, Editor & Publisher

Imanuel joined Tina in managing Vervex shortly after they got married in 2014. An avid reader and meticulous analyst, Imanuel handles key data and business finance.

Imanuel's analytical mind and strong business acumen makes him a perfect asset to the company, promoting its growth and success, as well as assuring the prosperity of their clients.

We have over a decade of experience researching, developing and deploying solutions for organizations such as yours. Let your next project be a successful one.