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Belmont VFD

2020 – present
Web Design & Development, Ecommerce, Branding, Fundraising, Marketing & Targeted Ads


Belmont Volunteer Fire Department is a fire department serving the area of Belmont and surrounding communities in Gonzales County, TX. The department was founded in 1990 and has expanded its fleet, firefighters and equipment over the years. Belmont VFD is funded by the Emergency Service Fire District No. 1 in Gonzales, Federal and State Grants, and private donations.

We began working with Belmont VFD in 2019 as we saw an opportunity to help them connect with the local community through online marketing. We helped them with their branding and branded apparel. We gave their Facebook page a makeover. We built them a website and a blog featuring important announcements and safety tips. Finally, we helped them launch an ecommerce platform that would enable them to receive donations as well as funding on their website.

During their 2020 annual fundraiser, Belmont VFD sold a total of 1,200 raffle tickets several days before the main event, exceeding their expectations and setting a new record for ticket sales online and offline. Targeted ads on Facebook and professionally designed mailers resulted in a higher participation rate on the day of the event, in spite of COVID restrictions, social distancing measures and limited entertainment. This resulted in increased revenue for the department who sold out of Benefit BBQ plates in just over 2 hours, quicker than ever before.

We're honored to have had the opportunity to help build a digital bridge between a local community and its fire department. Successful rebranding, online marketing and fundraising has a real and direct impact on the expansion of essential municipal services such as these.

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