MOO Cards Review: Premium Paper, Printfinity & General Awesomeness


Since embarking on the journey to full-time graphic design and illustration, I’ve had the chance to try for clients and myself different printing services locally and online. When it comes to business cards, I’ve had some disappointments but also some positive surprises; the best service I’ve come across so far and still trust for everything business cards is MOO.


My Experience With MOO is an online printing company that launched in 2006. Focused on design, they offer high quality products and various printing options: Original Business Cards with matte or glossy paper, Square Business Cards, affordable MiniCards, Green Business Cards made out of FSC-certified recycled paper, Luxe Business Cards for those who enjoy thicker paper, and a new line of Letterpress Business Cards offering custom debossing.

I’ve ordered several times the Original Business Card and I can vouch for MOO’s consistent print quality. The cards are printed on a slick and thick premium stock paper, equivalent to 14 pt paper. Lines and colors are sharp as well. I found printing on matte to be the better option as the paper quality is superior in comparison to its thinner glossy counterpart. I just can’t resist a thick and substantial card whose weight you can feel in the palm of your hand; to me, it’s as if the card screams “I’m important, I have value, I matter!”

A parenthesis: I’ve handled MiniCards and although the print quality is also great, I find the format to be impractical and the cards easier to lose. If you are really into this unusual format however, this option may prove more economic.

Besides print quality, what gets me coming back to MOO time and time again is with their Printfinity feature: MOO allows its customers to upload up to 50 different front card designs, enabling creative professionals to display their best portfolio works in a pocket format. When I take out my cards, lay them in front of a new client or prospect and ask them to pick their favorite, I always catch a look of surprise on their face, often followed by a genuine grin.

As if all this wasn’t impressive enough, MOO cards also come with their own durable box packaging which you can use to carry them around.


Business Card Printing Tips

So, you’ve decided you are going to print with MOO; fantastic, congratulations, and I hope you enjoy your cards at least as much as I do!

The first tip I would like to share is to make sure all the graphics you upload are high resolution (300DPI) images. If you can save in CMYK format, even better! This will ensure color consistency. If you are uploading text or vector-based graphics, convert your text to shape and save the design in PDF format; doing this will result in sharper legible text and shapes. Finally, if you are using the Adobe creative suite, MOO puts at your disposition several downloadable templates for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. There’s also a JPG template if you use any other software.

Once you’ve uploaded the back and the front of the card, you will be asked if you want to have regular square or, for a small fee, rounded corners. If you’re into rounded corners, I highly recommend this option; the result is smooth and sexy.

Finally, when it comes to shipping, I’ll let you in on a little secret; although MOO offers a wide range of shipping options, I’ve always selected the default and cheapest one, yet every single time I’ve received my cards a week early. Note that if you are ordering from outside the United States (hint: listen carefully fellow Canadians) $25 worth of card or more, you may encounter delays (and tax fees) at customs. This has never happened to me for 50 to 100 cards orders but I have witnessed it for orders of over 400 cards.

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Additionally, if you’ve got any comments or feedback of your own in regards to MOO, positive or negative, I invite you to share it below in the comments section.

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, I am NOT employed by MOO. I do not receive any compensation for writing positive product reviews; I simply love their products and from the bottom of my heart wish to share the good news with my readers.

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