Top 10 Most Beautiful & Free Script Fonts Available Online

best script fonts

2015 saw an important surge of handwritten calligraphy in graphic design and web design projects (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed, you only need to go to your local mall or book store to see what I mean.) This artsy trend continues to gain in popularity in 2016 and as a result gave birth to many beautiful typefaces developed by talented typographers and type foundries from all over the world. While many such typefaces are available for sale for affordable rates on online marketplaces like Creative Market, some creatives have been kind enough to share free samples of their work, by the same occasion allowing countless fellow designers to create beautiful works featuring handwritten typefaces on a budget.

Here’s my (very subjective) top 10 selection of the most beautiful hand brushed fonts available for free on the web:


Sensa Font Family

Offers its Brush typeface for free – Created by Font Fabric
Download here


Morracle Typeface

Created by Maulana Creative
Download here


Arabella Typeface

Available in Italic for free – Created by MySunday Type Faundry
Download here


Rissa Typeface

Created by Maulana Creative
Download here


Gardenia Script

Created by Emily Spadoni
Download here


Andrea Script

Created by Dmitriy Chirkov
Download here


Against Typeface

Created by Ramandhani Nugraha
Download here


Bakery Typeface

Created by Stereo Type
Download here


Mightype Typeface

Created by AF Studio
Download here


Arnetalia Typeface

Created by Artisans
Download here

If you found more beautiful free script typefaces online that you’d like to share, I invite you participate by leaving a comment with your recommendation below!

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