Creative Audit

Over the years, we’ve assisted over a hundred businesses from different industries and countries with their design assets, marketing and online presence. Our diverse and expansive experience has enabled us to identify clear markers of success and failure in how a company presents itself virtually and in the real world.

We created a method which we call the Creative Audit that produces a 10 to 20 page report which aims to identify, analyze and deliver solutions to common and specific branding, marketing and online problems businesses face today.

The Creative Audit Report includes the following components:

  • Current Branding and Design Assets Analysis
  • Website and Online Presence Analysis
  • Online Market Research
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Better Branding Recommendations
  • Web Design & Development Recommendations
  • Online Presence and Target Market Reach Recommendations

Learn how you can make your brand, logo, product or service offering work best for your firm and your clients. Get a step by step list of improvements you can begin to apply immediately to improve your marketing and create more leads, and ultimately build a better business.

All research, analysis and recommendations are produced by our core team. We would not have it any other way.

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Start improving your company's branding, market reach and online presence today!